The Beautiful Everyday


Including another writing opportunity for you, and my entry…

Recently I took to the sunny fields with my camera and filmed the performance of a poem I’ve had tucked away in my heart. I’m rather proud and happy of this one, so I’m excited to share it tonight!

The Beautiful Everyday was inspired by my brother. He is struggling to decide what to do with his summer, to which I despair “I wish I had the endless time back!”. And so this poem was born… Of course if I had more time I would be blogging and creating so much more – but I’m happy for this little space that makes every one of my days beautiful.

Enough gushing now. Here’s the video:



This post is also to make you aware of the Summer PlaylistΒ Project the lovely Lee at Golden Pink Journal is hosting. You can read all about it >here<. It’s an opportunity to share your summer themed posts with me and everyone reading now – TAKE IT. I can’t wait to see everyone’s entries!

Until then, have a relaxed evening everyone.


In the Warm Dark of Night

Inspiration, Poems, Storybook

At the end of this blog post is a link to an open creativity blogging challenge – any support is appreciated!

It’s been a while since I uploaded something creative from myself. The following is a small poem I thought of perhaps a couple of weeks ago now, when I was struggling to sleep. I realised I was just trying to make time go slower before I had to work in the morning and was filled with stress. However, you should never sacrifice sleep (I’m so sorry my beautiful bed)! It’s definitely one of the most peaceful things to do.Β