In the Warm Dark of Night

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It’s been a while since I uploaded something creative from myself. The following is a small poem I thought of perhaps a couple of weeks ago now, when I was struggling to sleep. I realised I was just trying to make time go slower before I had to work in the morning and was filled with stress. However, you should never sacrifice sleep (I’m so sorry my beautiful bed)! It’s definitely one of the most peaceful things to do.Β 

Out of Sight


Seamless the sun rose for the last day of that month, before darkness threatened to coat every shred of concrete in the industrial town. Over his morning coffee, Tommy’s father growled “just another week for electricity bills to go up.” Although straight faced under his father’s angered gaze, Tommy longed for that day to end; preferring to be cramped in darkness than the cold schools. In darkness he could read and learn what he pleased without the distraction of other classes. Straightening his tie nervously, Tommy anticipated the new ‘Book of Bugs and Insects’ his teacher had promised to give him.

The Night Bus


Yesterday I uploaded – albeit two days later than planned – an experiment video onto my YouTube channel. I decided to try an upload a spoken poem I have written, which you may have seen on my blog before: The Night Bus.

I thought I would share this one with all my blogging buddies as I feel you will give the best feedback! – Let me know what you think. I have already planned more poems to practise with so don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel too. Thanks muchly, always appreciate your support ❀

Alcoholic Laughter


We sat in silence under the one dim light. It felt like the moment in a horror film, when everyone hears the pin drop and they realise the killer has been among them all along. I’m not sure what I wanted her to say, but anything might have been OK at that point. Just to break the silence, which in reality only lasted a minute. Though historically, it had resided between us my whole life. Such as safety signs, it was something everyone read and abided by, but never decided to discuss.