Hello everybody,

How are we all? Enjoying the sun? 

Sorry for no written post last night. Sometimes Wednesday is my only opportunity to create as far as evenings go and I was really in the mood to film. Having the confidence to sit and talk to a camera comes a lot rarer to me than filming my blogs or fictions so I hope you understand. Jumping on the opportunity was a must! To make up for it, here is that video for your Thursday entertainment:


I will post again as usual on Saturday evening. 

It’s gonna be a revieeeew.


Take care of yourselves everyone,



Ps. If you are viewing my blog and wondering what the f*ck happened to the design… I am experimenting and hope to have a completely redesigned blog by the end of July. Just bare with me – it’s gonna be so worth it!

Through the Newsprint Fray

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One band I love for their continuous ability to make me love their music is REM. Recently I have been listening to Daysleeper; which by the way, has a wonderfully creative music video you can see >here<. This song has always resonated with me for its deep relatability. Although I am not technically a ‘day-sleeper’, sometimes I do feel the day is just a moment between the nights I get to create. If not quite a day-sleeper, I am most certainly a day dreamer!


In particular, this line tends to stick with me: I see today with a newsprint fray.


And the more I think about it, the more I realise this would be a great opening to a post about writing.

No matter what is reported, it seems journalists are always breaching some sort of “reader’s morale” – whether it’s badgering, picking the wrong stories, not having the facts (or any facts!). But perhaps, we can take a leaf from their books after all:


As a day-sleeper, the narrative of seeing today with a newsprint fray suggests the narrator only knows what he reads. That, in my opinion, would be a rather successful approach to take with fictional descriptions. Although you may know endless details about the world you have created, your reader does not, and your aim as a writer is to make them believe what they cannot see: Just as a newspaper article would do for a day-sleeper.


Of course, I am not suggesting anyone completely runs away with the idea and describes every little detail of everything the reader could see. It takes practice to adjust a good balance between stopping to take in the view and making it to the top of the mountain before dark. As I am reading back through my fictional writing, I am realising there is too much the reader won’t see and ultimately be confused by. But as long as I go in with fresh eyes (not assuming the reader knows everything I do), it becomes easier to work out.


Writers, you won’t want to hear this, but letting someone else read your work before publishing will also help to identify those last few kinks. I’ll stop prodding your repressed angst there…


If you need a little break from the heavy writing, may I suggest a little more REM? They truly are and excellent band.


Hope I’ve helped you to some degree my friends. Now get back to the project you’re procrastinating from!

Happy writing,


Spring Thoughts

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As the temperature is rising and the Summer is approaching, I thought it would be nice just to reflect on the Spring we have had. Tomorrow I will be heading to Brighton which I feel marks the beginning of my Summer adventures – of course this will be featured in my May chapter (stay tuned!). For now, here is some *artsy* photos I took this month containing quotes to sum up my Spring:

I will also just drop this here for your viewing pleasure – and a little bit more insight!

Until the last day of May, take care everyone


Finding your writing voice

Blogging/Writing Tips

It’s been a while since I offered everyone some writing advice; but I think if you have been following for some time you will have realised my creativity is CRAZY. Even though I vow to play on every thought that comes to me – they’re like bullet trains. If I don’t catch them in a heartbeat they will have been replaced. Really, it’s a very tiring process.

Today, I thought I would *try to* provide some inspiration into creating your own unique style of writing.

Writing – and especially blogging – is a very personal experience. Regardless of this, a lot of people appreciate the fine art which forces us to write in a particular form. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because reading becomes much easier when it’s uniform – everyone is *reading from the same page*. BUT it can make us monotonous. Therefore, writing is about finding balance: using everything you know about English, and forgetting everything you know about English (or whichever language!).


My three tips to write uniquely?

  • Write how you would speak – if your writing doesn’t sound right when said out loud, it won’t sound right at all!
  • Leave editing until the end – if you edit as you go along, you’ll lose the structure and coherency of what you’re trying to say. Instead of a flowing piece of speech, the writing becomes a list of facts.
  • Don’t be afraid to make your writing appeal to more than just the listening sense – when I write on my blog, I like to use random edits such as making words bold, underlined and italic and more. Even though this helps emphasise the first point, I also think it’s visually appealing (to me anyway!). Especially with blogging, you can also use your design to play on other senses, if you write in a specific genre.

I hope you found these quick bullets useful. What other advice would you give to someone looking to find their own writing voice? Add your say (or link your post if you have written about a similar topic) in the comments.

 Until next time,


Mental Health Awareness

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As you will probably know by now, this week was mental health awareness week. I’m sure there has been many posts uploaded on this topic this week, let alone by all the people campaigning all year for better mental health. Light Writes began as a way for me to share my fictional writing with you all. I’m not too sure if anyone will have noticed the theme of mental health that runs through these pieces, as well as my consistency to have some sort of philosophical meaning to each post I create. (But if they have helped you in any way, I’m glad!)

My Friend Karma

Inspiration, Lifestyle, Philosophy

My “battle” with philosophy and trying to be a better person often led me to having a misconception, I think many people will also share.

Karma. Ask anyone what this means and they will say something along the following:

Do good and good things will happen. Do bad and bad things will happen.

Or, to summarise with a more westernised saying, You get what you give.

But it’s not that simple. Karma is not a trophy, a prize or a shortcut to enlightenment. Karma, is merely a friendly reminder – a force to work in harmony with. Because the mistake, I believe most people make, is treating karma as a target to be achieved. Naturally the frustration of tight control over our actions leads us to think we are doing well, yet we see no result. We are left wondering, if I am trying so hard, where is the result I am pursuing? What more could I do?

In the nurturing of certain characteristics that are synonymous with positivity, we miss the corresponding growing characteristics of negativity. These are the greed and selfishness of chasing karma, and she does not take kindly to it. That is why you see no good come from your actions.

While writing I have been reminded of another saying I am quite fond of:

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

Perhaps this perfectly sums why many people don’t receive the karma they expect. What I have learned is karma does not want to be hunted. She wants to be used. She is a friend to harmonise with. Think of your friends. True friends have nothing to gain from your relationship. You don’t pick them for money, or religion, or power. Both people work together to bring more love to the world.

Therefore my advice to those, who don’t feel karma trying to befriend them: Walk forth with good karma in your heart and she will be there. Remember, all the world is balanced. Good, as much as bad, resides naturally within you. Have faith that you understand it.

My Outer Skin


After a few self-conscious teenage years, I finally became accustomed to my appearance and instead turned to improving my personality. Of course, I know this is not yet perfect and by no means stable. But philosophy has helped me a lot and on top of that, starting a blog has really opened my eyes to what I want to do with my life – which is great. Most of my time spent in school was spent saying ‘I don’t know’ so I know the frustration of lacking direction. Finally with my attitude and passions (mostly) in check, it seems I have turned full circle into a vicious spout of ‘clothes crisis’.

Yes, I know avid readers, it was only a couple of posts ago where I said I was nipping this retail therapy obsession in the butt. Well when a dusty pink, loose and comfy sweater dress, from your favourite brand (UO) that always fits you to a tee pops into your inbox, then try telling me it’s resistible. Clearly it wasn’t to me and I will likely have a picture as soon as I wear it out.

But back to the point – which has been inspired by this ill habit – Recently I have been feeling slightly perplexed about my appearance. Mostly it’s the notion I look younger than I am and also don’t look professional enough. It’s also spurred new experiments with makeup which I’ll admit is going disastrously. Note from the wise, natural is always a winner.

Despite this piece of advice, I really have nothing going in the ways of my ‘outer skin’. I’ve always expressed the typical philosophies of ‘looks don’t matter’, ‘beauty is not skin deep’, ‘beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’. Now, to me, these expressions feel more like excuses – dismissing the issue is not helping at all. If you don’t like something change it, damn.

My outer skin can feel like a barrier for my anxieties. Especially now I’m really pushing myself to write, and take bolder steps towards being a freelancer, I am a believer in the power of a good outfit. It’s why we dress up when we go on dates, or when we have an interview. There’s something about looking confident that makes us feel confident. On the brink of change I’m just gearing myself for a battle – my ability to adapt things is going to shine soon.

My favourite part is the shoes. A good pair of heels to help me stride into my future. Perhaps more shopping should wait until the summer though. I’m forecasting a lovely array of dresses and light jackets.

All in the name of confidence, of course.

This is the life we have chosen.

Blogging/Writing Tips

I used to think being wise meant knowing everything there is to know. Then I got tired and stressed with education and realised this notion was absolutely ridiculous, simply because it is not possible. What I found in sixth form (college) is that too many people have too many opinions – which made me question strongly what I should be seeing and believing. Most importantly from this experience, I’ve learned I don’t have to know any of those opinions. Instead this familiar saying has become accustomed to my inner workings:

Ignorance is bliss.

Spring cleaning


When it comes to writing, spring is possibly the worst season of the year for me. With so much to do and so many distractions after spending winter cooped up, unfortunately it just gets pushed to the bottom of my list. In my limited time of blogging, this is the first spring I have encountered and for the first time in my journey I have seen a real lull in my creativity.

What I’ve always known about any passion, is that I can’t focus 100% if there’s something else to be done. This is why spring is so perfect. I pull out the same list every year – tidy room, get myself looking fabulous, make plans, decide where I want my writing to be at the end of the year, set aside time and get on with it!

As you can tell, I have been busy – finally – preparing for this year. At least this is what spring always feels like to me. It’s the time to declutter.

So I have been cleaning and organising like mad. Making plans and schedules for blog posts has been accomplished – yay! I’m slightly worried my creativity won’t uphold, but March does mean a new short story is due and it’s almost done – double yay!

For anyone else feeling their writing inspiration slipping, I wrote a post on writers block at the beginning of this year.  Here’s a cheeky plug ~ Over coming writers block.

I would urge anyone to take the time to declutter. I know some places in Asia have a specific day allocated to cleaning the house top to bottom – maybe a bit extreme but tidy desk/room/house = tidy mind. Besides, in England it is still raining ready for the world to be reborn, so what’s there better to do? No excuses now.