Through the Newsprint Fray

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One band I love for their continuous ability to make me love their music is REM. Recently I have been listening to Daysleeper; which by the way, has a wonderfully creative music video you can see >here<. This song has always resonated with me for its deep relatability. Although I am not technically a ‘day-sleeper’, sometimes I do feel the day is just a moment between the nights I get to create. If not quite a day-sleeper, I am most certainly a day dreamer!


In particular, this line tends to stick with me: I see today with a newsprint fray.


And the more I think about it, the more I realise this would be a great opening to a post about writing.

No matter what is reported, it seems journalists are always breaching some sort of “reader’s morale” – whether it’s badgering, picking the wrong stories, not having the facts (or any facts!). But perhaps, we can take a leaf from their books after all:


As a day-sleeper, the narrative of seeing today with a newsprint fray suggests the narrator only knows what he reads. That, in my opinion, would be a rather successful approach to take with fictional descriptions. Although you may know endless details about the world you have created, your reader does not, and your aim as a writer is to make them believe what they cannot see: Just as a newspaper article would do for a day-sleeper.


Of course, I am not suggesting anyone completely runs away with the idea and describes every little detail of everything the reader could see. It takes practice to adjust a good balance between stopping to take in the view and making it to the top of the mountain before dark. As I am reading back through my fictional writing, I am realising there is too much the reader won’t see and ultimately be confused by. But as long as I go in with fresh eyes (not assuming the reader knows everything I do), it becomes easier to work out.


Writers, you won’t want to hear this, but letting someone else read your work before publishing will also help to identify those last few kinks. I’ll stop prodding your repressed angst there…


If you need a little break from the heavy writing, may I suggest a little more REM? They truly are and excellent band.


Hope I’ve helped you to some degree my friends. Now get back to the project you’re procrastinating from!

Happy writing,


The Writer Personality

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*This article will contain spoilers from episode 8 of 13 Reasons Why

At the beginning of every month I sit down, take out my diary and plan my blog posts for the month. Any piece of inspiration that I’ve gathered gets organised. But sometimes, in between the lines, little thoughts pop up that can’t be ignored. As a writer I feel the need to document and as a blogger it’s nice to share myself personally. Therefore, sometimes I find myself throwing out the schedule and writing freelance – as I am now.

Out of Sight


Seamless the sun rose for the last day of that month, before darkness threatened to coat every shred of concrete in the industrial town. Over his morning coffee, Tommy’s father growled “just another week for electricity bills to go up.” Although straight faced under his father’s angered gaze, Tommy longed for that day to end; preferring to be cramped in darkness than the cold schools. In darkness he could read and learn what he pleased without the distraction of other classes. Straightening his tie nervously, Tommy anticipated the new ‘Book of Bugs and Insects’ his teacher had promised to give him.

The Angsty Writer


Something told me while creating this post, it would have to be called ‘Angsty Writer’.

That’s how I feel a lot of the time. Justified? We’ll see…

Recently I have put myself under a lot of stress trying to figure out what journey I should take as a writer. So many questions keeping me up at night, such as:

“What’s my first move?”

“Am I good enough?”

“Can I make money?”

“If I make money am I a sell out?”

“Do I want to be a badass business woman or a creative bum?”

“Can I help others without looking like a scam?”

“Should I do it on my own, or with partners?”

“Self publishing or traditional – both?”

“Should I just become a publisher?”

“Am I becoming too industrial?”

“Will my audience believe in me?”


“I really want some coffee…”

I have stopped myself drinking coffee on the weekdays because of my awful ability to get to sleep at the moment. If you know how much I love coffee, that’s the amount of commitment I’m giving to these thoughts.

A year and a half ago I started working in the publishing industry. As an aspiring author I was excited to learn the workings of a real publisher. Not so much anymore – although I’m still grateful for what I’ve learnt! This little image I had carried since I was seven years old, of publishing being all about writers gathering round to discuss the next big story, was completely shattered. 

Now I can’t help but wonder what little me could possibly do to change this – to create a publishing platform for the writers. Is that possible? I started this blog to gain exposure – but could it be more?

In honesty, I’m terrified of the move into the industry more so than trying to write for it.

More questions to keep me up at night…

At the rate I’m going, you may have just witnessed the birth of a new angsty blogging series!

Voices in my Head

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I find a lot of things difficult to explain about my personal writing. Questions such as, where do you find the inspiration? What do you write about? Why is it always  depressing topics? Sometimes I wonder whether my lacking ability to answer has lead most people to believe I can’t write at all. Recently I shared a piece of my writing with two family members – a rare occasion as usually I would be too self conscious – and the response I got was: ‘Wow, that was a bit deep… really professional!’.

On replying ‘thank you’, I received ‘oh, you wrote that?’. The disbelief honestly made my heart drop a little – and perhaps the faith in myself too.

Hello everyone,

I hope you had a good weekend? This is just a quick note to say I’m now guest posting on Aspiring Thoughts. I’m very happy and excited to have the opportunity to write for this positivity and creativity blog. If you like my philosophical /feel good posts be sure to find me there every Monday night! Here’s the link: As ever, thank you for all your support.

Love you guys to the moon and back!

Light ❤