Closing May’s Chapter

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It’s so nice to sit now and type out my May chapter, after having looked forward to it for much over a week. Finally, and especially in comparison to April, I have faced a month where blogging feels like a habit. And not a bad one. It has been a month where I have been able to both find inspiration without becoming stressed and spend time on my blog every day without losing sleep. Now, as part of my day, I feel I have harmony with the Blogosphere.


Generally, too, I have been much more involved with the community aspect. As you may know I have been taking part in Mahriya’s (My Bookish Life’s) recent Typewriter project/challenge. We have already completed the first two tasks which you can view on her blog. I’m having a lot of fun and it’s been a good exercise to keep the inspiration flowing – it hasn’t been super easy so far in a really good way! I can’t emphasise enough how important the community is to a blogger. Still in my 7 months of blogging I have not seen anyone who hasn’t been supportive of anyone else – basically we’re all very good at if you don’t have anything nice to comment, don’t comment! If no other incentive for you to reach out to other bloggers, it does improve your *stats* too…


My main excitement and happiness for May came just last weekend. I took a trip to Brighton just for a day and a half, but I had wanted to go for so long it felt amazing to finally do so. Mostly I wanted to go because that’s where a lot of my favourite bloggers are – I didn’t intend to meet any of them (and I didn’t) – I just wanted to see all the fuss! Honestly speaking, it wasn’t what I expected from seeing vlogs / reading posts. Actually I would go as far to say I was a little disappointed. Nevertheless we explored the town and in the end I am in LOVE with it. Of course, being the highlight, I have vlogged my trip for the video of my May Chapter so I won’t spoil the details now. But, what I will say is Brighton taught me a very valuable lesson – just because it looks perfect from a distance, doesn’t mean it will be perfect close up, and that’s OK because perfection doesn’t necessarily = happiness. Even the smallest things can bring mountains of joy. My only small regret is that I didn’t dive in enough, but there’s always a next time!


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 Speaking of diving in, I did try *too* many restaurants while I was in Brighton. I was thinking I would share some in a separate post as I know a few of you are foodies! Let me know if you’d like that.


Wow, the end of May. Here goes – I will see you in June for more adventures!


Lots of love,


Sushi, yo!

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Despite a real lack in my social skills, I do really love to be out in the social scene. On Monday I was spontaneously invited to get sushi with my boyfriend and friends and I thought – instead of the heavy philosophy I seem to have *doused* my blog with through May – I would just take some pictures of the yummy food and share them with you. What’s better than ramen in the rain?

We went to the restaurant ‘Yo sushi!’ which have a Blue Monday special ie. lots of cheap yet yummy plates on the conveyor belt!

Although we went for sushi, I was really craving ramen and couldn’t help myself! It was amazing ^.^

As you can see we didn’t go sparingly…

Hope you enjoyed this quick lil’ post and you’re having a great week so far! I know it has been raining today but I came home very excited to find my new summer dresses that I ordered. Wishing to share them with you at the weekend. Stay tuned!

Closing April’s chapter

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I think April was a bit of an odd month for my blog. Nothing really seems to have tied down recently and it has left me wondering what kind of blogger am I anyway?! A lot has definitely changed since I started – aside from the fact I still don’t really know what I’m doing… and I think this month has really made me realise just how many blogs are out there.

Dreamer Interior

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Most people would probably describe me as a dreamer. But what I think distinguishes myself from other dreamers, is that what I dream I do. As you may know, I would love to be an author and rather than just confining those dreams to my head, I am also using my hands to write. Take this blog for example! Another dream I look forward to is owning my own house and having all the control over decorating. Of course this is a little further in the future and the most I am doing now is to count my pennies. Nevertheless I cannot refuse a trip to any furniture or décor shop and often drive myself a little crazy with my love for… well… everything! At the beginning of April I took my camera and mooched around Dunelms for a couple hours. Honestly all the pictures I took are too pretty to not share, so here they are!

A Long Aprils Day

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I have very mistakenly expected the weather to be a bit warmer after last weekend brought glorious sunshine to the UK. Nevertheless I am preparing to showcase my Spring/summer outfits and am very excited about it too. I’ve been feeling very creative – Just looking for the perfect moment to create something worth sharing! Today has been one of those days that makes you really believe blogging is a perfectly suitable lifestyle.

The Angsty Writer


Something told me while creating this post, it would have to be called ‘Angsty Writer’.

That’s how I feel a lot of the time. Justified? We’ll see…

Recently I have put myself under a lot of stress trying to figure out what journey I should take as a writer. So many questions keeping me up at night, such as:

“What’s my first move?”

“Am I good enough?”

“Can I make money?”

“If I make money am I a sell out?”

“Do I want to be a badass business woman or a creative bum?”

“Can I help others without looking like a scam?”

“Should I do it on my own, or with partners?”

“Self publishing or traditional – both?”

“Should I just become a publisher?”

“Am I becoming too industrial?”

“Will my audience believe in me?”


“I really want some coffee…”

I have stopped myself drinking coffee on the weekdays because of my awful ability to get to sleep at the moment. If you know how much I love coffee, that’s the amount of commitment I’m giving to these thoughts.

A year and a half ago I started working in the publishing industry. As an aspiring author I was excited to learn the workings of a real publisher. Not so much anymore – although I’m still grateful for what I’ve learnt! This little image I had carried since I was seven years old, of publishing being all about writers gathering round to discuss the next big story, was completely shattered. 

Now I can’t help but wonder what little me could possibly do to change this – to create a publishing platform for the writers. Is that possible? I started this blog to gain exposure – but could it be more?

In honesty, I’m terrified of the move into the industry more so than trying to write for it.

More questions to keep me up at night…

At the rate I’m going, you may have just witnessed the birth of a new angsty blogging series!

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Snapshot diary – 20th and 26th Jan



I decided I would take some snapshot diaries for the nights I went to see SPLIT and Russell Howard. To be honest, I didn’t get as many photos as I hoped, but I thought I would upload them anyway… I’m completely overwhelmed and mind-blown with entertainment now, so I hope you enjoy the reviews and pictures!


Russell Howard Live

Blogging/Writing Tips

Last Thursday (26th) I went to see Russell Howard’s “warm up-gig” for his upcoming Round the World tour. What I expected to be uploading tonight was a comment on his funny stories and how I could learn to incorporate humour into my own writing – which I often feel is quite serious and maybe that’s making my characters a bit monotonous… But I was pleasantly surprised to come away with so much more.

Hello everyone,

I hope you had a good weekend? This is just a quick note to say I’m now guest posting on Aspiring Thoughts. I’m very happy and excited to have the opportunity to write for this positivity and creativity blog. If you like my philosophical /feel good posts be sure to find me there every Monday night! Here’s the link: As ever, thank you for all your support.

Love you guys to the moon and back!

Light ❤