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Just popping in to share this post, as it follows so nicely from ‘The Forgiving Woman’. This is a very thoughtful way of bringing the blogging community together, and it’s such a beautiful piece of writing – how could I resist? I’m sure Rowena would appreciate you leaving your comments on her blog and sharing this with your own communities too. Enjoy everyone ❤

PS. I left my answers in the comments on Rowena’s blog if you’d like to see mine!


Lately, I’ve been feeling quite overwhelmed by the latest terror attacks in the UK, which as we all know too well, are simply the latest chapters in a much longer story. Despite believing in the power of the pen to overcome the sword and in the power of the individual to change the world, or at least influence the world around them, I am starting to doubt. These attacks are so random and unpredictable and the victims ordinary people…it’s all becoming quite impossible to fathom.

Coffee french

For those of you who have been following my blog for some time, you’ll know that I’ve been part of a global blogging group 1000 Voices for Compassion, which started up after the attacks on Paris. However, I’d already been speaking out against terrorism  following the shooting down of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 in the Ukraine and the Lindt Cafe Siege in Sydney. Journalists covering…

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Spring Thoughts

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As the temperature is rising and the Summer is approaching, I thought it would be nice just to reflect on the Spring we have had. Tomorrow I will be heading to Brighton which I feel marks the beginning of my Summer adventures – of course this will be featured in my May chapter (stay tuned!). For now, here is some *artsy* photos I took this month containing quotes to sum up my Spring:

I will also just drop this here for your viewing pleasure – and a little bit more insight!

Until the last day of May, take care everyone


Sushi, yo!

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Despite a real lack in my social skills, I do really love to be out in the social scene. On Monday I was spontaneously invited to get sushi with my boyfriend and friends and I thought – instead of the heavy philosophy I seem to have *doused* my blog with through May – I would just take some pictures of the yummy food and share them with you. What’s better than ramen in the rain?

We went to the restaurant ‘Yo sushi!’ which have a Blue Monday special ie. lots of cheap yet yummy plates on the conveyor belt!

Although we went for sushi, I was really craving ramen and couldn’t help myself! It was amazing ^.^

As you can see we didn’t go sparingly…

Hope you enjoyed this quick lil’ post and you’re having a great week so far! I know it has been raining today but I came home very excited to find my new summer dresses that I ordered. Wishing to share them with you at the weekend. Stay tuned!

In the Warm Dark of Night

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At the end of this blog post is a link to an open creativity blogging challenge – any support is appreciated!

It’s been a while since I uploaded something creative from myself. The following is a small poem I thought of perhaps a couple of weeks ago now, when I was struggling to sleep. I realised I was just trying to make time go slower before I had to work in the morning and was filled with stress. However, you should never sacrifice sleep (I’m so sorry my beautiful bed)! It’s definitely one of the most peaceful things to do. 

Life is like a cup of coffee

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For the first time in a while I have sat at my blog just to write about something I love. No planning necessary and no pressure to be witty or wise. If you consider me either of these things anyway! Tonight all I wanted was a coffee. It’s not been a bad day or anything like that – I just wanted it real bad.

Dreamer Interior

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Most people would probably describe me as a dreamer. But what I think distinguishes myself from other dreamers, is that what I dream I do. As you may know, I would love to be an author and rather than just confining those dreams to my head, I am also using my hands to write. Take this blog for example! Another dream I look forward to is owning my own house and having all the control over decorating. Of course this is a little further in the future and the most I am doing now is to count my pennies. Nevertheless I cannot refuse a trip to any furniture or décor shop and often drive myself a little crazy with my love for… well… everything! At the beginning of April I took my camera and mooched around Dunelms for a couple hours. Honestly all the pictures I took are too pretty to not share, so here they are!

A Long Aprils Day

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I have very mistakenly expected the weather to be a bit warmer after last weekend brought glorious sunshine to the UK. Nevertheless I am preparing to showcase my Spring/summer outfits and am very excited about it too. I’ve been feeling very creative – Just looking for the perfect moment to create something worth sharing! Today has been one of those days that makes you really believe blogging is a perfectly suitable lifestyle.

Lyrics to Live By


Isn’t music just one of those wonderful things, you daren’t think what you’d do without it? I think it’s fair to say music has helped everyone through some part of their life – there’s no exception for me. As I have been rather sleepless recently, I have been reacquainted with a lot of songs I used to listen to regularly and some new ones too. My favourites are always the ones were I can relate to or find some meaning in the lyrics. So, without further ado, here are some of my favourite lines and the artist / songs they are taken from:

My Outer Skin


After a few self-conscious teenage years, I finally became accustomed to my appearance and instead turned to improving my personality. Of course, I know this is not yet perfect and by no means stable. But philosophy has helped me a lot and on top of that, starting a blog has really opened my eyes to what I want to do with my life – which is great. Most of my time spent in school was spent saying ‘I don’t know’ so I know the frustration of lacking direction. Finally with my attitude and passions (mostly) in check, it seems I have turned full circle into a vicious spout of ‘clothes crisis’.

Yes, I know avid readers, it was only a couple of posts ago where I said I was nipping this retail therapy obsession in the butt. Well when a dusty pink, loose and comfy sweater dress, from your favourite brand (UO) that always fits you to a tee pops into your inbox, then try telling me it’s resistible. Clearly it wasn’t to me and I will likely have a picture as soon as I wear it out.

But back to the point – which has been inspired by this ill habit – Recently I have been feeling slightly perplexed about my appearance. Mostly it’s the notion I look younger than I am and also don’t look professional enough. It’s also spurred new experiments with makeup which I’ll admit is going disastrously. Note from the wise, natural is always a winner.

Despite this piece of advice, I really have nothing going in the ways of my ‘outer skin’. I’ve always expressed the typical philosophies of ‘looks don’t matter’, ‘beauty is not skin deep’, ‘beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’. Now, to me, these expressions feel more like excuses – dismissing the issue is not helping at all. If you don’t like something change it, damn.

My outer skin can feel like a barrier for my anxieties. Especially now I’m really pushing myself to write, and take bolder steps towards being a freelancer, I am a believer in the power of a good outfit. It’s why we dress up when we go on dates, or when we have an interview. There’s something about looking confident that makes us feel confident. On the brink of change I’m just gearing myself for a battle – my ability to adapt things is going to shine soon.

My favourite part is the shoes. A good pair of heels to help me stride into my future. Perhaps more shopping should wait until the summer though. I’m forecasting a lovely array of dresses and light jackets.

All in the name of confidence, of course.