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*This article will contain spoilers from episode 8 of 13 Reasons Why

At the beginning of every month I sit down, take out my diary and plan my blog posts for the month. Any piece of inspiration that I’ve gathered gets organised. But sometimes, in between the lines, little thoughts pop up that can’t be ignored. As a writer I feel the need to document and as a blogger it’s nice to share myself personally. Therefore, sometimes I find myself throwing out the schedule and writing freelance – as I am now.

Gilmore Girls

Blogging/Writing Tips

The following review was written live as I watched the Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life for the first time:

FRIDAY MEANS GILMORE GIRLS DAY. I have been so excited for the Year in the Life episodes (uploaded to Netflix today). In all honesty, I only discovered this show a few months ago and I can’t believe what I’ve been missing out on! To think I only took a peek to see what the fuss was about… well worth it indeed.

Love of Stories


I am writing this blog post, mostly to explain the content which may start to appear and contradict some expectations. For a while, I had the view that a story is told through books and felt very guilty for not reading more of them. When I was younger I was a very quick reader and was happy to read lots of different titles and genres. Now, if I do pick up a book, it is usually something much loved that I have read many times before. I also tend to lean towards more of the horror / dark and twisted genre, my all-time favourites being Stephen King and Jeffery Deaver. More recently I have decided I do not at all feel guilty for not reading more books, because I am most definitely still experiencing story-telling.