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At the beginning of this year I decided I wouldn’t be buying any more clothes – but turns out that wasn’t really working for me! About three months ago I had what I’m calling my ‘clothes crisis’. Although I had a very large wardrobe, my clothes just weren’t giving me any satisfaction. I felt that I looked childish, unprofessional and in some cases a bit messy. For a while I’ve been reading a blog called A Small Wardrobe, which is all about minimising your lifestyle. Whereas I don’t think my wardrobe would completely count as minimalist, I have managed to cut down a lot of my clothes and decided to just keep pieces I really love and wear all the time. (I have a bad habit of getting attached to clothes and just wearing the same few things!)

Tonight I decided to leave my laptop closed and take a creative break. I hoped it would be a sort of ‘recharge’. Unfortunately I didn’t plan, write or schedule a blog post first! Instead, I will leave you all with a quote to match my evening:

Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer 

William S. Burroughs

Have a good night guys 💫💕

A recharge of creativity

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Spring BBQ + Homemade Burgers

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Last Sunday the temperature reached 25 (degrees Celsius)! This was quite a phenomenon for us and after running errands in the morning, we decided to make the most of it and BBQ. It appeared the rest of the country also had the same idea as there was a buzz of people around the shops and the summer sections were running out of food! Nevertheless, getting into the garden and relaxing in the sun was just perfect. Kind of strange too as I didn’t realise how much I needed that!IMG_1266

My boyfriend and I never do anything unless we do it 100%, so we decided to make our own burgers. The recipe is super simple and I thought it would be worth sharing because they’re good even when you’re not BBQing!


Minced meat – you can use beef or quorn mince, but we used turkey.






There isn’t really a strict measurement for each ingredient. For the mince it depends how many burgers you will need and what size you would like them. The seasonings can be adjusted to how flavoursome you would like and we just needed one egg.IMG_1238


It’s best to use your hands – for speed and ease! In a large bowl, kneed the mince until ‘smooth’ but still able to stick together. Then add each seasoning one at a time, mixing/kneeding/folding them in thoroughly before adding the next. Lastly add the egg and mix until it’s soaked into the mince.

Then all you need to do is form the mixture into ‘burgers’. We managed to get six all together.

Before BBQing we added a little olive oil so they wouldn’t stick. And Wala! They were delicious!

If you’d like to see more of what I got up to, stay tuned for a vlog coming soon.