Spring Thoughts

Diary, Inspiration, Philosophy

As the temperature is rising and the Summer is approaching, I thought it would be nice just to reflect on the Spring we have had. Tomorrow I will be heading to Brighton which I feel marks the beginning of my Summer adventures – of course this will be featured in my May chapter (stay tuned!). For now, here is some *artsy*Β photos I took this month containing quotes to sum up my Spring:

I will also just drop this here for your viewing pleasure – and a little bit more insight!

Until the last day of May, take care everyone


5 Blogging tips after 5 months


I have only been blogging for five months, but it hasn’t taken long for me to realise it is the most positive and welcoming social platform available. By nature it’s diverse and remains popular despite the rise of other social medias. What stands out most to me is the ease – when I say everyone could do it, I truly mean everyone.