Hello everybody,

How are we all? Enjoying the sun? 

Sorry for no written post last night. Sometimes Wednesday is my only opportunity to create as far as evenings go and I was really in the mood to film. Having the confidence to sit and talk to a camera comes a lot rarer to me than filming my blogs or fictions so I hope you understand. Jumping on the opportunity was a must! To make up for it, here is that video for your Thursday entertainment:


I will post again as usual on Saturday evening. 

It’s gonna be a revieeeew.


Take care of yourselves everyone,



Ps. If you are viewing my blog and wondering what the f*ck happened to the design… I am experimenting and hope to have a completely redesigned blog by the end of July. Just bare with me – it’s gonna be so worth it!

The Night Bus


Yesterday I uploaded – albeit two days later than planned – an experiment video onto my YouTube channel. I decided to try an upload a spoken poem I have written, which you may have seen on my blog before: The Night Bus.

I thought I would share this one with all my blogging buddies as I feel you will give the best feedback! – Let me know what you think. I have already planned more poems to practise with so don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel too. Thanks muchly, always appreciate your support ❀